Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fruit Punch With A Side of Cuff!

Isn't this the perfect Summer Set! I wanted to do something different but that still went with everything. I grabbed some silk chord and fringe and went to work! I wanted to make sure I could wear this with any of my summer outfits so I went to my big mix of beads! I braided the fringe and silk with chain to help balance the weight of the stones. It will look great with a sundress or a
t-shirt and jeans! I love it!

I do not usually make cuffs, but I saw a cuff similar at the Anthropologie and I had to have it, but I did not want to pay the Anthro price, so I made one of my own! It is a mix of jaquard ribbon, silk yoyos, buttons beads and a little bit of everything! I pretty sure my sisters will be asking for one these!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage Summer!

My friend Jeanne came up with this amazing idea to take vintage hankies and doilies, and make them into fabulously unique headbands and clips! We paired them with silk rosettes, vintage buttons, and lace.I just love them. Enjoy

The following creations are not made with vintage hankies but they are still pretty fabulous!!